Nick. 22 and single. Canada.

I play bass in the band Galactic Pegasus.

Don’t forget y’all

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I just want to say that I like your blog and ask Where i Can listen to your band? Hope you have a cozy evening!


Thank you so much! Check out my bands bandcamp. Just type in our name into google and it’ll come up! Or youtube :)

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Fuck everything today

I actually love this photo haha

Celebration of Light fireworks with thebattleshark were rad.
Fireworks downtown with breeharrison tonight were awesome

Guess i’m just lucky

I just want to be with you. Go camping. Take naps. Watch movies. Go out for dinners I can’t afford. I want to do everything I can. We won’t need to worry about each others intentions. We won’t have to stop each other from talking to someone, or constantly worry. I like you so much.

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